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Learn Danish online

Welcome to The Danish Study where you can practice your Danish online and quickly improve your skills. It is both fun and efficient and is intended for all levels of Danish learners.

Web app

Now you can access The Danish Study on your smartphone (iPhone/Android), iPad and iPod Touch.
You access through a web app (not an app), so there is nothing to download or install. Just go to the usual address: www.thedanishstudy.com and the system will detect your hardware and show you the right version.

Learn Danish verbs!
Practice their meaning, conjugation, pronunciation and spelling.
You can practice with verbs alone or in the context of whole sentences that will familiarize you with common and useful expressions. All verbs and phrases have attached audio that will help you with the correct pronunciation.
Use our tools to practice in a structured way and learn quickly!

Memorize new words efficiently!
Use our collection of word lists and practice both to and from Danish. Create your own word lists and focus on vocabulary that fits your own needs. You can edit and expand your lists continually. The site includes audio for a great number of words and a repeat function that will help you focus on the words you have trouble remembering.

Learn the numbers the fun way playing bingo online!
This tool enables you to practice the numbers in Danish efficiently. It allows you to control the speed of the game, to have the numbers repeated and to have your tickets validated continuously.

Try out all the tools (in demo mode) from the menu above,
or get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION for two weeks and get full access to all features!
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You can access The Danish Study on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android smartphone.
All you need to do is to open the browser on your device and go to www.thedanishstudy.com.
The system will automatically detect your device and direct you to the version (web app) matching your screen size.
There is nothing to download or install on your device.